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Dear Ron & Nicholas, How are you all doing? A very special belated Merry Christmas & a gracious, positive, progressive 2013! Thank you so much for the recent listings sent to me this past week. Later this year we will be coming to meet with you and see some of our homes that I have put on my favorite list. There are a couple from the new lists you sent that will be added to my favorites. Yet I will not be going to much further. The main interests that our next home is on or nearest waterfronts, water intercoastals, etc. 4/3 baths+ & 2500+ Sqf are the minimum we are looking for. As well as acreage. So we can start a healthy investment portfolio as we go forward as well. I will let you know indeed the exact dates for us to come out to see you this year for sure. Thank you so much for all that you are doing, your faith, support, etc. Looking forward to a long, strong & positive relations with you & your team. Kind regards to you indeed.

by Caryn Kathryne MacFadyen



Merry Christmas to the Ron Petzel Team. We truly enjoy receiving your property updates. Uncertain of plans to move but hope to meet you the week of Feb. 20 when we will spend time in your area. Please keep us on yur email list. Thank You,

by Mary Megart

Ron, We are assuming this is an automated email. As you and I discussed on the phone this morning, Lettie and I have decided against relocating to the Port Charlotte area. Your services and those of your staff and office were excellent, and we would recommend you to anyone seeking to buy a home in your area. That's just not us at this time. Sincerely,

by Claude Witt

Ron, Thank you for your note. A couple of things have changed and we are now looking at some other options for relocation. You services were excellent, thank you!

by Richard Gallentine

Ron: I can't tell you how satisfied I was with the great selection of homes you sent, however, our plans have changed some and we are holding off our search at this time. Please discontinue your prospective home e-mails. I will e-mail you when we decide to restart our Florida home search. Many thanks

by Frank Guinta

Ron: Maureen, Kevin and myself would like to thank you for all the effort you gave us in finding the perfect Florida home for our retirement. You answered all our questions, handled all the paperwork and communicated all your recommendations in a timely manor. Your vast network of professionals in all aspects of a home purchase made the process easy and stress free. I have already given your contact info to several friends and clients who have a desire to relocate in Florida. I assured them you could help them. Thank you again and hope to see you again

by Donald Ging

Thank you so much!! We really appreciate it!! You are the kindest, most knowledgeable real estate person I have ever been in contact with!! Everyone one else tries the sales pitch, Well you won't be able to sell your house without a real estate person! When we get back from vacation we will call you to show us what is listed that we may be interested in. I believe you should know where you are going before you sell your house. Thanks again!!

by Gayle Hassinger

We decided to move to Atlantic side. You can take us off your mailing list. Thank you so much for being so nice. We defiantly call you if we ever move to your area. Thank again and you are a wonderful agent. Thank you, Christy:))))

by Christy Jahan

"Ron Petzel was a pleasure to work with. He was always prompt, pleasant and very knowledgeable. He listened to our real estate desires and price range. He was very informed concerning local amenities. We quickly found the perfect property for us and closed quickly. We would highly recommend Ron. "

by Roberta

"Ron has been sending me listing for over ten years. Way before we were ready to buy, but sort of trying to find out where we wanted to be. We finally settled on Venice, and he was very diligent in sending me the right listing as we kept narrowing down exactly where we wanted to be. Then boom, sent us the perfect listing. He was quick with advice and help and made it happen. I couldn’t be happier. I would recommend Ron and his staff to anyone!"

by Paula

Hi Ron Petzel, Kathi just left you a new recommendation! ? ? ? ? ? "Ron worked with us for three years to find that perfect second home in Florida! He found the perfect one in the perfect neighborhood! He was always patient when we came into town to see what was on the market. He never gave up on us! He’d have houses lined up in the most efficient way with MLS sheets for us to review. When we finally (no fault of Ron!) found the perfect one- he helped from start to finish. The process was quick and easy. He had resources available so that we knew who to contact from the power company to the pool person! We highly recommend Ron to help you find that perfect home??"

by Kathi

Hello Ron, I just want to take this time to tell you how much I appreciate all your time and effort you spent on this property and I.Thank You very much. Sincerely, Perry

by Perry B

Hello Nick, at this time I am looking after some business concerns in Canada, so the search for a home in your area has been put on hold. I appreciate your concern. Your office does a great job and I will check with you in the future. Punta Gorda or Port Charlotte is where I want to be, so hopefully the search will continue soon. Thanks again , Bryan

by Bryan M
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